"Human Repair Kit"  Small FIRST AID KIT

"Human Repair Kit" Small FIRST AID KIT

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"Human Repair Kits"

How often have you been out with your kids, but don't want to lug around that huge First Aid Kit with you. Perhaps the car is parked a long way away and somehow kiddo has managed to get a scrape, or a splinter while climbing some trees. I'm sure you don't want to trudge all the way back to the car with them crying.

Or how often have you been caught out while cycling? You don't want to cycle all the way back to the car just to clean and cover your scrapes and wounds.

This is where the "Human Repair Kit" comes in handy! You can put it in your purse, school backpack or hiking pack and take it with you as a quick fix, should anything happen.

The kit itself is the size of your hand and comes in either a plastic bag, First Aid Pouch, or a soft shell case and will have a label with all contents inside on it.

Clear Plastic bag - $11.00
First Aid Pouch - $18.00
Soft Shell Case - $23.00 (Different colours available. Red, Blue, Orange, Pink, Black)

We will put this together for you and you can even customize what contents you would like inside as well. Just let us know through sales@promedsupplies.co.nz